Mar. 25th, 2010

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So there's me hammering on about Lloyd Cole thinking nobody knows who I'm talking about again, and it turns out that [ profile] pherus does. Fuck yeah! We were talking about The Commotions' second album and how it's not readily available to buy, because Mr Cole doesn't like it for some reason (suggestions point to the period of recording being difficult, rather than the album being bad because it's really not). Lowest price for a CD on Amazon: £47. Yyyeah. Couldn't find it to download either; basically it hasn't been reissued.

In light of this I didn't feel bad about downloading it, or uploading it for Chris. Since I'm sharing it with him, the rest of you guys might as well have an opportunity to grab it too. Easy Pieces: ten tracks of lovely. Little bit less jangly than the Rattlesnakes album, little bit darker, no the worse for that. And hey, it's free.

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Easy Pieces

Link lasts a week. Aaaaand GO!


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