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Well, I'm bored. And. Yes, I am shallow, but Xander (yesyes talk like you know him you silly bint... but calling him Xander is just so cute) showed up on my DVD last night in bondage gear and I almost had a moment, so you know. These questions NEED TO BE ANSWERED.

[ profile] tabimendou said she wanted to do this but couldn't, so I've decided to do it, but feel free to send over other comedy people, Tabi (or anyone else who wishes this to be a proper survey. A PROPER SCIENTIFIC STUDY).

There will be no third option. CHOOSE. MUWAHAHAHAAAA.

Oh, and you can choose instead to take them out to dinner IN YOUR MIIIND if you want. This doesn't have to be a filth poll. Except y'know, it is, but that isn't the point.

[Poll #1476540]

Thank you for your time.
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I had two hours' sleep last night. I possibly look like death and I'm dreading what happens after lunch but I REGRET NOTHING. \o/ If I do this once roughly every three months, I get a day of being hyper and giggly and enthusiastic, why this happens I do not know, but anyway it is POP MUSIC DAY which basically equates to me dancing around the office to Girls Aloud and the shiny shiny shiny Mini Viva song. HURRAY FOR EVERYTHING :D

Have I ever mentioned I love Girls Aloud? I love them. They make me happy and dancey and everything. Also Cheryl Cole has a song out. This is why it is pop music day!

By 6pm I will be a zombie, but this morning has made up for that by being ACE FOR NO REASON. FEAR MY CAPSLOCK.

I got to work and realised I was covered in glitter. This is strange because I did not apply any glitter to my person this morning. Did I go out on the lash last night and forget it entirely?
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I feel it needs to be noted: I am wearing a skirt and boots today.

Yes, big deal, thinks you. The point is, that I have wanted to feel confident enough to wear a skirt and boots for years, and now I FINALLY DO and I don't even feel like a big ugly mess! YAYFACE! It's not that I feel gorgeous or anything - that'd be rude as well as untrue - but I don't feel like some weird grotesque freak either, like I used to. Just an ordinary girl.

In boots. And if anyone brings me down on purpose, these'll be my ass-kickin' boots. :D

This is progress, I promise.

ETA: also wearing the BEST T-SHIRT EVER (it says "monster" on it in Japanese and THIS IS IMPORTANT) because my friends are ace and bought it for me. Becky & Matt ftmfw. <3<3<3
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I think, at the age of 27, I have finally worked out what make-up is for: it is because, some days, you look like death and a little carefully-applied blusher adds some much-needed colour. For those times when you don't look so much pale and interesting, but pale and - wooooah! - about to expire.

(Sorry. That last bit contains an in-joke.)

So yes, I have embraced the blusher. It's fuck-easy to put on, doesn't make me look like a cake as I tend to whenever I go anywhere near foundation and concealer, and when I am still fighting off this bastard infection, makes me look a lot healthier than I actually am. And therefore feel better too. Hurrah!

My only other concession to make-up is lipgloss, but I wasn't even very good at that because all the ones I bought were, well, rubbish, and I wasn't really going to shell out for something mostly rubbish. Until my sister said "do you want this free and rather decent lipgloss", because my sister works in a chemist and half of the cosmetics in our house were stuff she got for free and didn't want. Yay! Turns out it's really nice. It's clear and sparkly and it makes me - get this! - smile more. Ah, so thaaaat's what it's for.

So, because it is payday, I went out and treated myself to a Proper Expensive Lipgloss, Innit. Urban Decay, if you wondered. Yes, the one with the bloke on the packaging, if you've seen them. God, I'm easily amused, because my main reaction to that was go HEE! Then I bought the BRIGHT RED ONE, because I heart red so very much, and have a very random concept of what colour is going to work and what isn't. By "random concept" I of course meant "I've no fucking idea what this means". I just like red, dammit.

(Also treated myself to In The Loop on DVD, so I will FINALLY! get to see it. Bweeee!)

So yes! Make effort = feel better = smile more = feel even better. The good part? I've made precisely no make-up effort for most of my life, so when I do it feels like a really big effort instead. And thus I win.

This is prrrobably as far as it goes, though. Sebastian did say he was going to teach me how to do eye make-up without stabbing myself or looking like an emo who's just sneezed into a pot of glitter or a saaaad panda, but anything that takes more than two minutes to put on... er, naaah.

I'm dead ladylike, me.
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Oh god twitter oh god. I love it SO MUCH but I can't tell you why without sounding like a wanker. Those little 140 character bites of stuff make my day so much more bearable, make me giggle, and today, made me GLEE OUTRIGHT at my desk.

That aside, I have been having A Low Week. I assume this is still PMS as I want to eat all of the food in the world. GIVE IT. So yes, there may have been sobbing on the bus last night. Although part of it was being so touched by Lis helping me, that I just lost my shit. Part of it was exhaustion, part of it was frustration, part of it was oh god I'm worried about my cat.

He seems okay. He's having more trouble jumping, probably because the examination made the pain worse, but he seems quite content and he isn't talking as much when he moves around. He's eating and sleeping fine. But bless him, he had to get down from the bed backwards last night. He couldn't jump so he lowered his back legs down first. I feel so bad for him... and he seems to be pining for me when I'm not there, as he keeps going into my room and looking expectantly around as if I'll appear. Silly monster.

He bit me, though. So there's nothing wrong that can't be fixed, given that. ;)

Want to go home and watch tennis. Can't.

Cryptically, to finish: I kicked email ARSE this morning. Then the recipient ruined it by not replying. It's still quite clearly the best email I'll ever write, though.


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