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It's a good thing Tommy Bowe is great at rugby - he sure as shit can't sing.

Watch this. Laugh your ass off. You'll not find a more memorable singing performance in a good while...

While I'm here - thankyou Red Wings, for winning last night. I hope you can keep the momentum. Back to back games will not be fun.

Bloody sports! ~watches tennis~
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In celebration of the Lions tour and Tommy Bowe JUST NOW SCORING A TRY HOLY JESUS FUCK <3 I'd like to Pimp My Comm. Well, it's not my comm, Lauren started it. BUT YES, if you like rugby (most important) AND the boys who play it (second, but a nice bonus that it'd be rude not to celebrate) come join our pile. Our pile of men.

[ profile] manpilez

I will be one of your Mod Trio, though my job seems to be to interject and talk about Tommy Bowe and Adam Jones' Hair, which is so epic it needs its own passport.

Place of birth: Wales.
Occupation: Mane of Epicness.
Purpose of visit: Looking fucking awesome.

Anyway yes. YAY LIONS!


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