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Finally updated the music blog. The cliche of those who live and breathe music. Nothing original, just some thoughts I wanted to get down!
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(I wonder if I annoy enough DJs could I get one of them to play that? Hm. Anyway...)

6MUSIC HAS BEEN SAVED! REJOICE! The radio station of wonder and joy will continue to broadcast! The news is dampened by the fact the Asian Network couldn't be saved, of course. It's another example of a thing the BBC should be doing, but there's a feeling that it was one or the other. Or, indeed, possibly neither, when the cuts were announced.

The BBC Trust said there had been "significant public support for the service" and that 78% of nearly 50,000 online responses to a consultation on the BBC's future focused on 6 Music. The trust also received more than 25,000 emails and nearly 250 letters about the station, "the great majority" of which opposed the closure plan.

Now, I don't wish to sound like a wanker, but I sent one of those emails. I filled out one of those consultation forms. How did I find out how to do those things? Twitter. Twitter pointed me towards 38 Degrees and Love 6 Music. Twitter put out the correct email addresses to use, all the while urging people to be polite. There were protests in London of course, which I'd have given anything to be at, but that wasn't to be - but those of us who couldn't make it had plenty of ways to make our voices heard, which is something new.

Twitter (and maybe facebook, I don't know, facebook never captured my imagination and I don't spend hours on it talking to people and making friends and discovering wonderful things, unlike Twitter. Facebook is just sort of... there) gets a bad reputation for being a bunch of left-wingers shouting about injustice and getting things attention but ultimately resulting in nothing concrete - Jan Moir still has a job, for example; the newspapers continue to publish bilge. Okay, so the Nick Clegg's Fault hashtag sort of came true but we didn't mean it to go down like that. We're sorry.

And tweeting alone didn't save 6Music and I'd never claim it did. But Twitter spread the news that the station was facing closure like wildfire, informed people of what action they could take, was able to focus the outcry into something that was actually helpful, instead of either ranting into the ether or a bunch of disparate responses that went to the wrong places. Plus on a personal note, I made new friends dicking about on 6Music hashtags, who send me yet more awesome music just because they think I'll love it (I do). It's all good.

I don't wish to overstate this and say that we're all a band of heroes and it'll all be okay because of the POWER OF THE INTERNET because, you know, it won't. In this case though, I think it - we - did good. Would 6Music have been saved without such a public response? I doubt it. I'm glad to have been a part of it and this just makes it an even more special radio station.

I was only one of tens of thousands who protested, in whatever form that took, but - just this once - can't we say it was nice to be listened to? No matter that most of the time we're barking at nothing, no matter that we didn't reform the government, no matter that it's a "just a radio station" - we won this time! Let us have our victory!

In any case, it's not just a radio station to those who kicked up the dust. Music matters. I'm fortunate in that I have a group of friends who understand this perfectly - they live for music. Music powers them. We need 6Music - or at the very least, we need the spirit in which it broadcasts.

My other writing on this:

A personal post on how 6Music helped save my life. Quite literally

A post in more general terms about why the station matters
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More on relationships and stuff on the latest Fear Itself (and Monsters) update. Hopefully it explains things a bit better than this has.
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Fear Itself (And Monsters) is today about depression and the current series of Doctor Who.

Bit of a weird subject, hope I did it justice...
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So like everyone else in the known universe I have decreased my need to stay on lj less and less by being on 4086 other sites. Yes, tumblr.


So there you are.

I'm still keeping lj, obv. It has that lovely Friends Only option. ;)

Is meme

May. 14th, 2010 11:42 am
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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[ profile] ihavecake chose for me:

This is Dan Cloutier. He is shit at goaltending. I made this waaaay back in 2006 and even non-hockey people laughed at it. I am strangely proud of it, even though all I did was write swears on it; the picture speaks for itself. It's probably my favourite icon.

This was made by [ profile] coloneljack and it is LOVELY JOSH off of The West Wing, who is LOVELY and FUNNY and... I keep meaning to rewatch The West Wing all the way through but the damn problem with that is I disappear for days on end. Anyway, I heart him, and if real politicians were anything like him then I think we'd be a whole lot happier, don't you?

Ah yes, Collings and Herrin. This picture amused me, so I made an icon of it. I miss these two actually; I haven't been keeping up with podcasts or anything (find it impossible to keep up with other fandom at plsyoff time, ngh)... still, look at their silly faces! Bless.

Father Dick Byrne would like you to fuck off now please. From the endlessly classic Eurovision episode of Father Ted (my favourite thing about it is the shortlist of songs in the background at one point, including a song called You Dirty English Bastards), which I have seen 8849689 times, know off by heart, and never gotten bored with. Like the rest of Father Ted...

Two funny adorable Irishmen having a big hug. No further explanation needed, but I will say this: jesus christ I miss The Panel. Made by lovely Holly at her iconspace, [ profile] nucleicacid.

This, made by [ profile] spellhex, is Patrick Marleau. Patrick Marleau is amazing. Patrick Marleau is still the captain of the Sharks to me, and to many others. Patrick Marleau is the heart and soul of the San Jose Sharks, as well as being a bit nifty with the goals. As well as this, Patrick Marleau is hot as holy fuck, which is a very nice bonus.
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Ahem. More coherent thoughts available at the resurrected Outpost blog. Yes I brought it back. I must be mad. :)
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Irreversible facts about me: I am far too emotionally invested in the Sabres.

What up

Apr. 12th, 2010 01:37 pm
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Hello livejournal. You feel like you're dying. Nobody is ever here much anymore. All the same, here is some blah.

I haven't been sleeping. I have nightmares and "flashbacks" to being in hospital when I sleep. So I've managed to screw that right up and I'm supposed to be going to work in a week and a half. That is, if I can walk. Dunno what's gonna happen there. Have to go to clinic tomorrow to hopefully lose the brace. I say hopefully, I'm not sure how well I'm healing. Humph.

Anyway, - sleep = + hockey, so that's been fun. :D

Shaaaarks have Avalanche! I haven't really seen anything of Colorado this year so I don't know how that's going to play out. I take the piss out of San Jose's postseason form as much as anyone - laughter heals the pain - but every year I hope like hell, all the same. The most I'm willing to say is the end of this season doesn't feel as doomladen as the end of last one, when the Sharks just looked woeful going in. I do hope that instinct is correct, but taking nothing for granted. You can't, in playoffs.

Sabres have... ah... Bruins. Argh oh god. Not only does this mean I have to cheer against a team I really am very fond of, but Boston has had Buffalo's number this season. People say Boston can't score, but a) incorrect and b) well jesus have they watched the Sabres? They don't have Tim Connolly either, and he's not even skating. Sir Thomas of Vanekshire is in good form at the moment it seems, but he can't do it all alone. Except he kinda might have to. As a Sabres fan I am dreading this series. As a hockey fan though... I'm really looking forward to the goalie battle. Miller vs Rask will be huge.

Is it Wednesday yet?
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Okay so we've had no electricity since Tuesday until half an hour ago WTF IT'S COLD AND I HAVE BEEN GOING BATSHIT


Fear Itself (And Monsters) is today about 6Music and how it must not be allowed to die; it's a bit different to the general post I wrote in here and more about the three months I spent in the darkest of depressions. Anyway it's important, so read and pass on if you like it. Thank you very very much :)


Mar. 27th, 2010 02:05 pm
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Hello, massive upswing. It's clearly spring, because every spring I get that I AM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING feeling. Despite being trapped on a sofa, argh god I love stuff. Music is amazing. Books are amazing. Hockey is amazing. I can't even explain ~flails a bit~

So yes. Wheeeeeeeeee! :D
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So there's me hammering on about Lloyd Cole thinking nobody knows who I'm talking about again, and it turns out that [ profile] pherus does. Fuck yeah! We were talking about The Commotions' second album and how it's not readily available to buy, because Mr Cole doesn't like it for some reason (suggestions point to the period of recording being difficult, rather than the album being bad because it's really not). Lowest price for a CD on Amazon: £47. Yyyeah. Couldn't find it to download either; basically it hasn't been reissued.

In light of this I didn't feel bad about downloading it, or uploading it for Chris. Since I'm sharing it with him, the rest of you guys might as well have an opportunity to grab it too. Easy Pieces: ten tracks of lovely. Little bit less jangly than the Rattlesnakes album, little bit darker, no the worse for that. And hey, it's free.

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Easy Pieces

Link lasts a week. Aaaaand GO!
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So. Knees. Knees are bastards.

At least, mine are. After seeing a consultant yesterday and getting x-rays done, the news is that there is indeed a flaw in both of them, and this dislocation business will possibly (probably) keep happening. Sort of knew that already, but they thought I might grow out of it, and also they blamed my weight previously. Turns out weight has nothing to do with it, though obviously will try and lose more anyway. Can't exactly hurt.

They're going to try and strengthen things in both knees with physio, but an operation is also a possibility... which sounds utterly gruesome and involves removing ligaments. AAAARGH. Please work, physio. Please work.

The consultant was lovely (and, ahem, very attractive) and gave me a letter for work so they'd believe me and told me to come back in two weeks. Only fracture clinic is on a Tuesday, and Tuesday two weeks from now is Easter and they're closed. So, three weeks. Three weeks strapped up and with crutches and all that stuff. Hrm.

So I fretted over going to work and decided I had to go, because I went to Edinburgh on Friday as planned. I'm glad I did, because I had an ace time, and got to see an ACTUAL LIVE HOCKEY GAME, and an excellent game it was too. Wish I'd not left it so late in the season to go, though, as I have fallen arse over teakettle in love with Edinburgh's Capitals, and it's a bit late now since the season is just about over. All the same though. Ace forwards! Ace goalie! Battling back from 2-0 down against the best team in the league! Yes please! They lost in overtime in the end, but it was still an excellent game. I fucking love hockey. You know this, but it needs saying.

Sarah was lovely and looked after me very well, and there was much silliness about wolves and yetis and monsters and other things with fur (what). There was also a visit from Lovely Ruth, who is great and I was very happy to see her. All good.

But I possibly shouldn't have gone, even though it wasn't against doctor's orders because there were no orders at that point... I made it home again okay, but god it takes a tedious lot of hauling yourself about when you can't bend one of your legs. My arms hurt from said hauling, and my right leg is in the huff because it's doing all the work, and I'm sore dammit. Plus the flaw is in both knees so I'm worried about the right one overcompensating and kjjfhskjdghjdsg. Basically.

So I kind of had to go to work, even though the consultant's note said rest and immobilisation. I turned up, it took me forever to get from the station to the office, everyone thought it'd be nice to have a gawp, I was exhausted before I even got there, and then... they sent me home. What? If you know anything about my history with that place: I'm as shocked as you. They said to go home until I was better, and it wouldn't go against me, and not to worry about it because it was clear how much I was struggling just to get to my desk.

So I feel a bit guilty, but at the same time oh thank christ because I wasn't sure how this was going to work. For a start it was going to cost me ten pounds a day to get to and from the office: Belfast buses during rush hour are hilariously busy and people do not give up their seats, so taxis. It's a ten minute walk but um, that was going to take half an hour so HOW ABOUT NO. Plus work is still fifty miles away, and going to work with it is very much not rest, and and and...

I am frustrated because I am slow and I can't hare around and I can't dance to songs and I hurt all over because of this stupid injury and I know, it could be so much worse, but sometimes it really gets to me. I just hope it heals up alright.

Anyway. So now I have three weeks to sit. Three weeks to sit where I am not suffering from severe brainwrong, which is new. So I might be able to read all those books or watch all those boxsets or actually concentrate for more than five minutes. Hm, that makes it sound like fun, but believe me: I'd rather have working knees.

I have fallen in love with a film, though. This is something I never do; films and I don't really get along for some reason, but after listening to Sweet Disposition for the 8646th time I decided to see the film that made it famous: (500) Days of Summer.

I. Love. It. Why did I wait so long to see it? It's all about love being messy and has protagonists who are very far from perfect and the exchange: "what happened?"/"what always happens. Life" made me want to punch the air because just... just yes. It's funny, it's sweet, it's sad, it's well-made, it's exactly right.

Okay so it has put the rather unrealistic notion in my head that you might strike up a conversation with someone in a lift and spark a connection based on what you're listening to - does that ever happen in real life? - but... oh my heart. Watching that, and listening to what I've been listening to lately - the playlist from t'other day, a lot of Frank Turner, a lot of a lot of Lloyd Cole - I don't know, I'm caught up in some kind of whimsy lately, where I really want to fall in love or something.

I know, life isn't like that - relationships don't start because of a shared love of Lloyd Cole's music, the fact that I don't know anyone else who has a clue what I'm on about when I sing Rattlesnakes at them notwithstanding - but wouldn't it be nice if it was? A girl can dream. Dreams are nice, as long as they don't get you so out of touch with reality that they fuck you up.

So I'm sore, reflective, lost in a world of music, and longing for something. Why didn't I just write that to start with? This is an awful lot of splah. :P For reading this, then, have an actual downloadable mp3.

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Rattlesnakes (mp3 format)

THIS is Rattlesnakes. It is brilliant. I am biased, but it is. Also has absolutely amazing use of strings. Strings in a gorgeous jangly pop song: pretty much doomed to love it, I was. Try it. :) If you don't like it, you're allowed to shout at me.
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I wonder sometimes if I should try keeping a monthly list of stuff I've been hammering on the iPod. The problem is I'd do it one month and then forget, but: if you don't do the first month, you can hardly do the rest. So: here is March. With streaming links, because I am laaaazy.

Hello, Strange Days: 25 tracks that can't quite decide how they feel )
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Today's Fear Itself (And Monsters) is a blog about why I blog. Excellent! Also I always forget I have this icon. Hee. :)

Starting to get a weeeee bit stir crazy in this house and not being able to get up and do stuff or indeed be anywhere but either in bed or on the sofa. This is not funny. Also I am running out of leave. Knee doesn't hurt too much but it doesn't like bending. Would really like some kind of recovery schedule or something. Gah.

Still going to Edinburgh tomorrow because a) bored b) it's not that bad c) bored d) already paid for it e) BORED.
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Fear Itself (And Monsters) has just had possibly the most important update yet. Warning: not easy reading.

Plus minus

Mar. 16th, 2010 11:22 am
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I've been trying to write about my weekend in Manchester for the last half hour and it's really bloody difficult to do so... because all the best bits won't make sense to anyone else.

Manchester is lovely, after actually getting to see some of it this time. So is the little town of Todmorden which has the bestest tiny cafe in the whole world. Becky's cooking is brilliant. My friends are amazing.

Now, I knew they were amazing anyway, but then they proved it in the most awful circumstances possible. I have some sort of weakness in my knees and sometimes at random they like to dislocate. So my left one did, in the ice rink carpark before the game. Aaaand it didn't pop back in.

I can be flippant about it now, but at the time it's just abject terror because it hurts more than anything I can imagine. Good christ it's painful. And you can't move, so I just had to lie on the ground and wail because you can't do much else.

Unfortunately, that amount of pain removes you from anything resembling rational thought, so I was absolutely 100% convinced the ambulance wasn't coming. It didn't for... um... I can't even remember but time's all messed up in that situation.

There was swearing ("there's a magpie. Bit late for bad luck you black and white cunt") and there was sobbing and there was just terror (what if the stupid kneecap won't go back in augh), but there was also the overriding thought that I really didn't want my friends to see me like that. Really, that's as bad as it gets.

Except they did see me like that and they were absolutely amazing. They made sure I was warm while they all froze (March afternoon in Manchester and it was bitterly cold) and they went with me to hospital and they made sure I was as calm as possible and honestly, I keep saying this but I couldn't ask for better friends.

The ambulance did make it (of course), gas was administered and holy wow that stuff's lethal, and at the hospital they put my knee right, strapped me up, gave me more drugs (giant flourescent pink pills ftmfw) and told me to go to a fracture clinic at home. By that point I was off my fucking face, but I do promise that while we were still in the hospital waiting to get picked up, Paul did try to re-enact the video to Poker Face. And I'm sitting there thinking, how is this my life? This is the most surreal turn of events and yet I'm alright and... that's the thing, I'm alright.

Old Me would have went to bits and still be moping over this. Now, I'm still finding things about this that are just funny. And there are things about it that are funny (my track record of luck in Manchester is now so bad that Becky says I'm going in a big inflatable bubble when I come back), and after I got back to the house, fell asleep on the sofa for a while, woke up and realised "oh, shit, that happened", I was fine. I was still cracking jokes and laughing and just getting on with it. Because honestly, what else is there to do?

I did feel bad at the time because I scared everyone shitless and it is embarrassing, of course it is. But it's alright now, and I'll heal and get on with it and one day I'll go to Manchester and not be ill or in a hospital. The point is: I ended up in an ambulance and didn't see any hockey and still had a really brilliant weekend and that just goes to show you the value of good company.

Just Getting On With It is not something I've ever been good at, but I got out of this relatively unscathed. My knee hurts, of course, but I'm fine. Which is a revelation for someone who spends all their time worrying about emergencies and then one happens and you realise, oh. I can deal with this. I could possibly have dealt with it a bit better, but I dealt with it all the same.

And oh. Trust your friends, dear. Honestly, trust your friends.
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Oh look a meme in the absence of anything else:

Post anon and tell me:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note, but it does not have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. And a hint to who you are.
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Fear Itself (And Monsters) has been updated. With a post about my exhausting, exhausting moodswings and possibly quite ridiculously wearying enthusiasm. I exhaust me, too, is what I'm saying.

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