Jan. 16th, 2010


Jan. 16th, 2010 03:16 pm
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The facts are these:

1) I miss writing
2) But not in LJ
3) I don't want to blog about hockey again
4) I can't be bothered to blog about music as there's too much to keep up with
5) The only other subject I can write loads about is depression
6) ...ah

Now, this is probably going to happen. But I'm a bit wary. Sarah already raised the possibility of awful, awful trolls but I think I'm better equipped to deal with those now. There are two other things bugging me more, though.

The first is: I hate walking into Waterstones and seeing an entire section dedicated to "painful lives". I'm sure that writing those books helped the authors and I'm sure some people find solace in reading them. But I'm a bit concerned that it's now a genre in its own right, and I'm a bit concerned about the accusations of cashing in on pain that fly about. So if I write about depression - and obviously the only experience I can directly write about it my own - what's the difference between me and those people?

Well, I guess I'm not asking anyone to pay for it. And I'm sure an awful lot of those writers had the intention that I have: maybe by writing about this will help someone else, maybe someone else will know they're not alone. Hmm. Tricky.

The second is the anonymity thing. Now, I'm very careful with my real name and don't intend to call myself "Kez" on this. I don't intend, either, to link out from the new blog to this lj or my twitter account. But if I'm going to get people to read it - and I'm afraid I do want people to read it, no point taking the high road and saying I don't - I'll have to link out the other way around!

Trolling is the one worry, the other worry is the practice of employers looking you up online to see whether you're a twat or not. Real name and picture and all that stuff won't be on there, but still, is it too much of a risk? A blog saying "hello, I have an illness" isn't going to be the best ad for, well, very much of anything really.

But. You see, Chris posted this last night: "Write the blog that you wish you had found when you were ten years younger."

So I want to do it, but thinking about the logistics of it is a bit more of a headache. So... ADVICE PLEASE. Thank you. Oh and if you're in favour of it, can you think of a good title? That'd be much appreciated.

Thank you, and thank you for the comments last night, too. :) <3


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