Feb. 18th, 2010

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There's really bugger all point in updating LJ; I basically just wanted to say HELLO, I AM ALIVE and that I love hockey and here it comes creeping back: that huge obsession with Chris Drury. REMEMBER THAT? Remember 2007? Oh lord, that was a hockey year.

Anyway the point is, he's still my favourite current player. You have yer Nabbys and yer Joes and even yer Connollys but none of them are Chris Drury. And none of them mean as much. AND NONE OF THEM ARE IN AS GOOD AN ICON AS THAT ONE. Made it all by myself and everything. ~flail~

I know he's a Ranger and I know most people made WTF faces of their own about him being on Team USA but he's important. He's really important. He has heart and leadership and even though the theory goes his best scoring years are gone (or were knocked out of him - never have I ever been so upset by a hit) he still has that heart. He cares. He doesn't quit. He never did and he still doesn't.

It's enough to make a girl start seeing the Rangers on the sly. Almost.

Ooh that came out of nowhere. Back to my caaaave.

Olympics make me happy.


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