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Ahem. More coherent thoughts available at the resurrected Outpost blog. Yes I brought it back. I must be mad. :)

What up

Apr. 12th, 2010 01:37 pm
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Hello livejournal. You feel like you're dying. Nobody is ever here much anymore. All the same, here is some blah.

I haven't been sleeping. I have nightmares and "flashbacks" to being in hospital when I sleep. So I've managed to screw that right up and I'm supposed to be going to work in a week and a half. That is, if I can walk. Dunno what's gonna happen there. Have to go to clinic tomorrow to hopefully lose the brace. I say hopefully, I'm not sure how well I'm healing. Humph.

Anyway, - sleep = + hockey, so that's been fun. :D

Shaaaarks have Avalanche! I haven't really seen anything of Colorado this year so I don't know how that's going to play out. I take the piss out of San Jose's postseason form as much as anyone - laughter heals the pain - but every year I hope like hell, all the same. The most I'm willing to say is the end of this season doesn't feel as doomladen as the end of last one, when the Sharks just looked woeful going in. I do hope that instinct is correct, but taking nothing for granted. You can't, in playoffs.

Sabres have... ah... Bruins. Argh oh god. Not only does this mean I have to cheer against a team I really am very fond of, but Boston has had Buffalo's number this season. People say Boston can't score, but a) incorrect and b) well jesus have they watched the Sabres? They don't have Tim Connolly either, and he's not even skating. Sir Thomas of Vanekshire is in good form at the moment it seems, but he can't do it all alone. Except he kinda might have to. As a Sabres fan I am dreading this series. As a hockey fan though... I'm really looking forward to the goalie battle. Miller vs Rask will be huge.

Is it Wednesday yet?
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On the one hand, Oh my god they look so fucking sad )

On the other hand there's this:

See that shiny silver thing? Yeah, you can't say it wasn't earned. <3

And I hear about Drury comforting Miller after the game? And him saying "No one knew our names. People know our names now"? I just keep on getting prouder.

And I'm done. Unless you know. There are even more photos or quotes or something. ;)

PS This just proves that Chris should ALWAYS be on the same team as Ryan. :P
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I wanted Gold for USA and there's no sense lying about it. But I'm not sad about silver. Not in the least. They said Team USA wouldn't make it past qualifying and look where they got to. They fought and battled and never gave up and they had hearts the size of someplace really big. I have never been so proud of a team. Or to be an honourary American. ;)

That aside though, these past two weeks have been the most fun I've had with hockey in years now. I remember why I love it. I remember why I admire those who play it. I've made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I've laughed and cheered and screamed and panicked and run the gamut of emotions. It has been wonderful from start to finish.

And I've watched these games with people all over the world. This game belongs to everyone, this game connects people, this game goes further than North America, so much further. Your game? Tonight it's your big moment and nothing can take that away from you. But hockey is loved the world over and that's something to be proud of.

Not a thing in the world can take away what's been achieved at these games. New fans have been made by them, old fans have remembered why they loved it.

It's a fucking wonderful thing. That and I got to see Chris Drury get his medal and my heart almost exploded with pride. So, so happy I got to see that for myself.

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Superstition commands I now post a photo immediately after the game. I am happy. USA gets a medal without a doubt, even though everyone said coming into this they were a complete joke.

But the biggest game is yet to come, so here's MR SRS FACE.

Get ready boys. The game of your life is waiting. I'm not American, but I'm so proud of this team.


Feb. 24th, 2010 10:33 pm
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"Look how happy Chris is that you're back into hockey," says [ profile] lady_lilith:

Not as happy as me, Lily. Not as happy as me. :D

That game was insane. Three non-goals, two strikes for Parise, one shutout for the USA. Real shutout, not a "Ryan Miller shutout".

And what's everyone saying? About the heart of the team. About the shot blocking. And about how - yes - Drury is instrumental to that, and all that stuff some of us said all along: he never, ever gives up. Neither did the rest of the Americans.

I could not be happier or prouder. This is the first time I've ever adopted a national team. I'm pretty fuckin' happy with my choice. :)

ETA: Ron Wilson to the media: "Drury probably blocked more shots than you guys make typos."
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I feel a little insane writing this, mostly because I'm worrying about what other people think of me. What else is new?

Is it insane though that I feel more like myself than I have done in a couple of years because I have the hockey bug again? Is it crazy that some part of me needs this damn game in order to be happy?

It's not that I stopped loving it, it's that I stopped having time for it. That has the change; that's why I have weekends.

Hockey has an effect on me that I find hard to explain and always have, like it's wrong somehow and I love it more than I'm allowed to. But when I'm immersed in it then it's the best feeling in the world. It makes everything else go away for a while. It's a pure escapism that I had totally forgotten, and now I wonder how I ever forgot something like that.

Everyone says that you shouldn't define yourself by external things, but it feels like this is part of who I am. Hockey's my thing. I've missed it terribly, but now it feels like remembering who I am.

That sounds so much like I'm putting too much into it, doesn't it? Well all I can say is, everyday life goes on and it has to be dealt with. You have to find something else to uplift you. And there it is. It's back, baby. And me with it.

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For all the comments that USA-Canada wasn't a medal game, for all the comments that it doesn't really mean anything...

It means something alright; to the boys who went out there and won it, to Ryan Miller who worked like a dog out there, to those who wanted to prove that USA hockey is more than what everyone wrote it off as.

Will the USA make it much further? Don't know. But if it's true that all we have is now, then now is amazing. Nothing can take away tonight. It's untouchable.

Oh yeah and. Chris Drury? Doesn't belong on Team USA? BITE ME. I knew he still had the fire in him. I knew he was still clutch.

I am so proud of him. And Miller. And all of them.

ETA and to be selfish, regardless of whatever else it did or didn't mean...


THAT meant so much to me that I can't even begin to describe it.
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So, apparently, you don't have to pay for srapbook on LJ, you just have to get a plus account. I was under the impression that the 96874975 photos I had uploaded to my old account were lost forever. They are, you're about to find out, not. Oh and I know it isn't 2007 anymore, but ahead of the game tomorrow I feel I really should post these photos. It's an excuse to talk about Drury! And I don't want to lose them again! And I promised someone I would! And it's gonna make me grin for a week! SO without further ado...

Once upon a time in New York (state) )

So there's that: me nailing my colours to the mast. USA!

Fuck you, watermark! I mean, er. Yes. That's my player. More than any other.

ETA: oh! Yes! The hormone thing! This was on the info of my old journal: "Oh, and sometimes, I get squeeful over hockey boys. This merely means I am a human female in possession of hormones, it does not mean I am shallow, nor does it mean I don't love the sport. I love it as much as anyone. I would still watch the game and love it if they all looked like orcs. However, they do not, and fancying them does not preclude me from having a brain. :)"

ETA AGAIN: we have a late addition:

Good fucking god. Sweet dreams to me.
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There's really bugger all point in updating LJ; I basically just wanted to say HELLO, I AM ALIVE and that I love hockey and here it comes creeping back: that huge obsession with Chris Drury. REMEMBER THAT? Remember 2007? Oh lord, that was a hockey year.

Anyway the point is, he's still my favourite current player. You have yer Nabbys and yer Joes and even yer Connollys but none of them are Chris Drury. And none of them mean as much. AND NONE OF THEM ARE IN AS GOOD AN ICON AS THAT ONE. Made it all by myself and everything. ~flail~

I know he's a Ranger and I know most people made WTF faces of their own about him being on Team USA but he's important. He's really important. He has heart and leadership and even though the theory goes his best scoring years are gone (or were knocked out of him - never have I ever been so upset by a hit) he still has that heart. He cares. He doesn't quit. He never did and he still doesn't.

It's enough to make a girl start seeing the Rangers on the sly. Almost.

Ooh that came out of nowhere. Back to my caaaave.

Olympics make me happy.
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My blog is back!

The Outpost tells you all about why I hate Belfast. The team. The city is grand.

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Well, shit. When I grow up, if this psychology thing doesn't work out, I'm gonna buy a bookshop, and I'm gonna be surly and rude to all the customers, and I'm not gonna brush my hair, and I'm gonna tease Bill Bailey about his hair, and sometimes The Actor Kevin Eldon will show up and scare the beejeebus out of everyone, and there'll be an impossibly pretty funny woman in the shop next door, and I will make wine for the Pope. IT'LL BE FAB.

So yes. I'm going to be Bernard Black.

This is a cautionary tale of a situation whereby you will end up going "BAH" and deciding you want to be a fictional bookshop owner. And the moral of it is: don't get too excited too soon.

So, a date, right? That's all good and exciting and I've never been on a real date and EEEE! So [ profile] karrotsoup calls me and asks for the gossip and I tell her; we were emailing on OK Cupid and this is his name and INSERT CARTOON SCREECHY BRAKES NOISE HERE.

Cuz Tracy is on OK Cupid too! And he'd been emailing her too! And he'd been odd and creepy! And cue the facepalm!

Which made me think again: I said I wanted to meet him in Benedicts, which is a restaurant and bar where I try to take everybody at least once (mental note: never taken Sarah there, do this next time she is over) because it's yummy and really nice and also in this case because it's in the city centre and always pretty busy, so I thought that'd be nice and safe.

Then he says, no I don't want to meet there, it'll make me nervous (whut). Erm, okay, where should we meet? In a bar, he says. Benedicts IS a bar but never mind, and he suggests Bar 12, which is fine but is somewhere off Botanic Avenue. I know Botanic Avenue because I'm there all the time, but I don't know where Bar 12 is and I'm a dick and just because somewhere looks dandy on googlemaps (I did look it up) it doesn't mean it IS okay. Why didn't I think of this last night? I don't know.

Now obviously it is my decision alone whether or not I want to go. But frankly I'd be seriously deluded to not take into account the thoughts of someone I've been friends with for ten years. But now I'm just a leeeetle uncomfortable with the fact he's been a bit erm to someone else and also with the not meeting in Benedicts thing. So...

Instinct always wins and mine's got the little alarm bell going off. I therefore do not have a date next Friday after all. So there's that.

It's a good thing I was in a good mood today so I'm not too upset. Mildly annoyed but only a little bit gutted.

Oh, and! Today I paid someone to touch me.

...I had a massage, pervbrain. XD

Neck and shoulder massage because stress brings on the shoulder pain. It was diviiiiine. So blissful it's almost an argument for the existence of heaven. If I don't sleep like a very relaxed log tonight, I don't think I ever will.

Right! Going to bed to read more of Anansi Boys, because Gaiman makes it all better.

PS I still hate the Penguins. Have not warmed to them in the slightest, about threw up when Crosby lifted the Cup. Oh fuck 'em, let them have their shiny thing. NEXT.
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The NHL rules very clearly state that if anyone instigates a fight in the last five minutes of a game, or in overtime, they will sit out the next game. It's an automatic suspension.

So when some uppity Russian Penguin loses all sense of sportsmanship and chucks the rattle out of the pram by trying to whale on known dirty bastard Henrik Zetterberg (!!!) and failing spectacularly... you'd expect the same rule to apply. Right?

Wrong! OF COURSE. Everybody knew there'd be no WAY Evgeni Malkin would get suspended. Evgeni Malkin IS one half of the NHL. The other being Sidney, of course. Suspension? Thbthhhhhht.

It's not surprising. It's disappointing. And people wonder why everyone has such a hate-on for the Penguins. It's because of shit like THIS. But no, there's no preferential treatment. Not at all, that's just a CONSPIRACY, DUMBASS.

I wonder what would've happened if Zetterberg had hit him first.

Mattski, and twitter, have made me like the Red Wings, that much is true. But I'd be cheering them to win anyway - because for all the accusations people throw at Detroit, they don't whine or cry or get preferential fucking treatment.
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It's a good thing Tommy Bowe is great at rugby - he sure as shit can't sing.

Watch this. Laugh your ass off. You'll not find a more memorable singing performance in a good while...

While I'm here - thankyou Red Wings, for winning last night. I hope you can keep the momentum. Back to back games will not be fun.

Bloody sports! ~watches tennis~
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Do you know how to whistle? You just put your lips together nothing, the intent is there.
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Okay, yes, I'm extremely grumpy about the Sharks, and I likely will be for a few days or a week or oh I don't know ALL SUMMER. Amd while I can cheerfully accept that they were beaten by a team who was better than them, I'm really not in the mood to be even slightly gracious about it, so: well done Ducks. I hope you fucking choke on it, you pack of waddling bastards.

THAT SAID, [ profile] strangefrontier hath rescued me from utter woe this morning with the production of Ben Goldacre icons. Look at that icon. That is perfect. In celebration, am reading Bad Science again. I read it before, in January, but since I can't remember what the hell happened in January, I think it needs another go to sink in. Although I DO remember that the next time someone waxes lyrical at me about antioxidants we're going to have an almighty fucking row.

Oh and - because I'm ranting at the Ducks - I have to add this::

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Angry Kez is angry and has deleted this entry, if only because she did not want a shitstorm of epic proportions that happens every time she dares to speak her mind. :@

As you weeerrrrre ^_^


Apr. 17th, 2009 08:11 am
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I saw that and immediately thought of the Sharks. Oh, you... boys. I'm not going to rag on them though, because it's only one game so far. I'm annoyed, of course I am, but... it's a little bit premature to write them off. Personally, I'm hoping they're suitably embarrassed to step it up next game.

Let's go Sharks. :)

On the other hand I am full of the squee because YAY BRUINS and YAY PHIL and... I hear there was kissing? Hehehehe. I have it allll on DVD. I want to go home nowwww and watch it!

Although that, too, is only one game. One day at a time.

~flails quietly in the corner~
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WOO! Oh, wait. You knew that already. Um, on with the post.

The first official NHL tweetups happened today, and eee look! There's Belfast!! So yes, it was The Littlest Tweetup, and officially hashtagged as such, but was dubbed The Little Tweetup That Could. So, here's the pictorial evidence.

Looking SLIGHTLY crazed, ahem.

The rest, including Owen Nolan, songs, and representin', yo )

And finally:

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I was going to leave this until SOMEBODY actually bothered to win the sodding President's Trophy, but now I know Detroit can't win it - which I was most worried about - then it's okay. Either the Sharks or the Bruins can have it and I'll be happy with that. :)

I know, I know. That trophy is supposed to be cursed. Then Detroit went and won the Cup last year and now I don't know what I think. The thing was, I thought if Detroit got home ice for the entire Western conference, the Sharks would never have a cat in hell's chance of getting past them. IF they met them. Then I thought again, on how this whole playoff thing works.

The key word is IF. IF either team lasts that long. Because who knows?

I make no assumptions about playoffs. My first year was the year where the Oilers went to the Finals, and they were an 8th seed. Ever since then, I am more than aware that home ice doesn't really mean that much. I put no faith in standings, I know that I'm a fan of a team that has gone home in the second round, in six games, three years in a row.

Except there's nothing to say they won't go home in the first.

I have faith that the Sharks CAN do it. Whether or not they WILL... that's different. I am not one of those asshat fans who gets all cocky and assumes that a nice #1 spot is a big juicy bye to the Finals. It's not as if I've ever been a fan of a team who won the President's trophy and then pulled off a pretty fucking specTACular playoff choke a couple of years ago.

Oh, wait. I did. Hello, Sabres. That team put me through the wringer in the spring of 2007, and as a special added bonus, they haven't recovered yet. The Sharks remind me of that year's Sabres team so much that I can't help but stop to think.

I'm just very, very cautious. That isn't to say I'm not EXPLODING WITH EXCITEMENT! over the playoffs. The best hockey of the year, all the excitement, all the drama, all the nailbiting, oh god I love it so much. April and May are my favourite months of the year by far.

In case you're late to the party, I'm cheering the Bruins in the East and - duh! - the Sharks in the West. I will not be staying up late on weeknights this year because my health will collapse again, but I will be staying up on weekends. I will be flailing.

I will be recording everything.

I will not be wearing jerseys or anything on gamedays, as I can only get away with that if I'm actually going to a game. It brings bad luck. Yes, I have a superstition. It's mine and it's not going away. :P

I do have a Sharks-inspired tattoo though. So as I can have a little bit of teal everywhere I go, aaah. :D Yes, that is cheesy. Tough. :P Other years I'd have looked for non-logo teal stuff or gone for teal nails or something... this year I don't have to. Yay!

I promise never to gloat (if there's anything to gloat for). I can't promise not to explode with either rage or glee. I'm SO EXCITED. :D

I think that covers it. In possibly too much detail. SQUEE!


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