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So, apparently, you don't have to pay for srapbook on LJ, you just have to get a plus account. I was under the impression that the 96874975 photos I had uploaded to my old account were lost forever. They are, you're about to find out, not. Oh and I know it isn't 2007 anymore, but ahead of the game tomorrow I feel I really should post these photos. It's an excuse to talk about Drury! And I don't want to lose them again! And I promised someone I would! And it's gonna make me grin for a week! SO without further ado...

Once upon a time in New York (state) )

So there's that: me nailing my colours to the mast. USA!

Fuck you, watermark! I mean, er. Yes. That's my player. More than any other.

ETA: oh! Yes! The hormone thing! This was on the info of my old journal: "Oh, and sometimes, I get squeeful over hockey boys. This merely means I am a human female in possession of hormones, it does not mean I am shallow, nor does it mean I don't love the sport. I love it as much as anyone. I would still watch the game and love it if they all looked like orcs. However, they do not, and fancying them does not preclude me from having a brain. :)"

ETA AGAIN: we have a late addition:

Good fucking god. Sweet dreams to me.

Yes well

Nov. 12th, 2009 11:06 pm
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I need to update. Really really need to update. What should I write about? HELP. Unless you want to hear me go on about Super Smash Brothers Brawl (you don't).

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