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Name:Kerrie Sakura
Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

All in good time.
by [info]wakeupthesun

Kez. Somewhat confused girl who has a hard time admitting she's closer to 30 than 20 writes about stuff and things because when she doesn't write about stuff and things, she gets too verbose in her emails and text messages.

Enjoys hockey, comedy, books, music, learning, and a host of other stuff. Humanist, geek, wannabe comedian, fan of logic, wishes she was smarter, swears a lot, would love to help people somehow, prone to daydreaming, has no discernible nationality, oooh look a shiny thing!

"...I'm going to be thinking about what a magical and amazing place the world is without any recourse to nonsense; that people can get pain relief simply from taking a sugar pill, or a salt-water injection; that we can have an almost psychic sense that a friend is in trouble, from barely perceptible unconscious social cues; that improbable things really do happen; and people really can meet, and fall in love, with a depth so great that it feels as if it was always meant to be. These are all things to be celebrated, because even if there is no destiny and no magic, the effects are the same." - Ben Goldacre, December 2008

PS - And sometimes, I get squeeful over hockey boys. This merely means I am a human female in possession of hormones, it does not mean I am shallow, nor does it mean I don't love the sport. I love it as much as anyone. I would still watch the game and love it if they all looked like orcs. However, they do not, and fancying them does not preclude me from having a brain. :)

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a good constructive argument, adam hills, amber benson, andrew maxwell, animals especially cats, anime, arrested development, atheism, azumanga daioh, being xenomania's bitch, belly, ben goldacre, bill bailey, bill hicks, bisexuality, books and more books, boston bruins, buffalo sabres, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, cardcaptor sakura, charlie brooker, cherry blossoms, childfree, chris drury, christopher eccleston, comedy, dancing to everything, dara o'briain, david tennant, delgados, depression recovery, doctor who, dragons, duvets, ed byrne, eddie izzard, edinburgh capitals, eliza dushku, evangelion, evgeni nabokov, fairies, fall out boy, falling over a lot, father ted, finding new and creative ways to swear, firefly, frankie boyle, futurama, getting really excited, ginger, girls aloud, goalies, good science, hating reality fucking television, having amazing friends, hockey, house, howling bells, hows and whys, humanism, ideas, ireland, james may, jamie fucking macdonald, joe thornton, jonathan cheechoo, joss whedon, kathleen edwards, kevin smith, konami, kristin hersh, laughter, learning, lloyd cole, malcolm fucking tucker, malcolm middleton, manga, many kinds of tea, mario, martin brodeur, matt berry, men on ice skates running into each other, miikka kiprusoff, mock the week, more things than will fit in a box, multiple hockey team love, music and more music, my chemical romance, narnia, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, nhl, nintendo, non-annoying fangirlism, oasis, opossums with rocket packs, ospreys, parodius, paul merton, peter capaldi, phil kessel, poetry, pop'n'twinbee, proper ramen, pushing daisies, qi, queer as folk (uk), rafael nadal, random acts of kindness, rhod gilbert, richard herring, rugby, russell howard, ryan adams, ryan miller, sailor moon, san jose sharks, scissor sisters, scrubs, sega, serenity, shiny things, short-arse hockey players, singing along, sleeping, snow patrol, sonic the hedgehog, stand-up, stephen fry, still flying, summer glau, swearing, swoony girly music, tanya donelly, tea, tennis, the critic, the it crowd, the non-wanky kind of indie, the smiths, the thick of it, the waves crashing and the rainfall, the west wing, the wildhearts, the work of maurice lamarche, theo fleury, thinking far too much, throwing muses, tim connolly, tim minchin, top gear, tori amos, trying to find enough hours in the day, twaddle, twinbee, words, writing, writing everything down
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