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It's the Sunday after Christmas, I'm bored like everyone else, so what to do? Make a playlist of your favourite songs, obviously.

They're not the best songs, they're sure as shit not the coolest. But they're roughly my favourite sixty as of the end of this decade I suppose. Not all FROM this decade, though. I say roughly because I only allowed myself one song per artist, and because I might change my mind. ;)

(One song per artist was ridiculously hard for Belle & Sebastian, Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses, The Wildhearts, Tori Amos, Malcolm Middleton, Tanya Donelly, The Delgados, Foo Fighters, and so on FOREVER...)

They're below the cut, in alphabetical artist order rather than order of preference because pffft that's impossible.

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I had two hours' sleep last night. I possibly look like death and I'm dreading what happens after lunch but I REGRET NOTHING. \o/ If I do this once roughly every three months, I get a day of being hyper and giggly and enthusiastic, why this happens I do not know, but anyway it is POP MUSIC DAY which basically equates to me dancing around the office to Girls Aloud and the shiny shiny shiny Mini Viva song. HURRAY FOR EVERYTHING :D

Have I ever mentioned I love Girls Aloud? I love them. They make me happy and dancey and everything. Also Cheryl Cole has a song out. This is why it is pop music day!

By 6pm I will be a zombie, but this morning has made up for that by being ACE FOR NO REASON. FEAR MY CAPSLOCK.

I got to work and realised I was covered in glitter. This is strange because I did not apply any glitter to my person this morning. Did I go out on the lash last night and forget it entirely?
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This week, I:

~discovered that I have confidence

~had the official warning that work were going to slap me with officially overturned

~have been declared well enough to be completely discharged from the care of the mental health team at the clinic- the psychiatrist discharged me a while ago, the community psychiatric nurse discharged me on Friday. They say I'm well :D

~had lovely evening with [ profile] karrotsoup who bought me holyshitexpensiveandgorgeous lipgloss from Benefit :O

~oh yes- discovered the wonder of lipgloss

~had ace friends

~was told that the difference in how I am and how I used to be is wonderful. More than once

Fucking hell. I'm amazed. Actually humbled and amazed by how good it's all been this week.

I am full of the glee. Glee, I say! :D

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Sometimes, I wish there was a god. So I'd have someone to fall down on my knees and thank from the bottom of my heart for The Wildhearts.

Holy shit, new album, be more awesome. I dare you.

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Adam Hills. I just... Adam Hills.

Having wonderful time. Love comedy. Everyone brilliant. Met lovely [ profile] froglett29. Stuff. Things. Brain explodey from how amazing everyone is this year.

~sigh~ Adam Hills.

Bedtime. Want to hug this city.

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ETA LOL the iPhone thinks I'm in Fife XD XD lolarious on so many levels, ohmy
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Good MORNING, if it is a good morning. My morning is so far... eh. Just so.

I had a very interesting dream about Andrew Maxwell last night. I'm not putting this here in some sort of Sad Fangirl display, though no doubt I am one, but because my dreams TORTURE ME SO. Not for the reason you might think, either, but because only in my dreams do I have have the mental and verbal dexterity to spar with an actual stand-up comedian. In real life I'd go "um?" or possibly ":D!" and say something generic and boring like your show was great and then when safely out of sight, bounce a bit and make "eeeeeeeee!" noises only audible to dogs. RUBBISH.

But in my dreams I am cool and awesome and clever and hold my own in arguments about the Super Furry Animals - I don't know either - and the night, and the dream, ends with dancing in Dublin. With Maxwell. Oh, brain. I do love you really.

Suspect this was triggered by the en masse booking of many Fringe tickets yesterday. 4.5 days, 9 shows. This is faintly ridiculous, and I'd post the list here but I'm scared of jinxing it or something and making it not happen because SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU! ~flails~ Maxwell is one of them though, and suspect I may go on about it forever, though last year it didn't happen like that because I went on about Ed Byrne for weeks, then got to the Fringe and went on about Rhod Gilbert instead. So who knows? Just... might explode. Really might this time. It needs to be the 10th August now. Epic comedy, then Manchester for epic barbeque DID I MENTION SQUEE? :D


This weekend has been spent with my nose in a psychology textbook. I am now ready to start planning and writing my first essay for six years. This is in no way worrying or daunting oh my no.


Jun. 14th, 2009 06:57 pm
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[ profile] lykophile!! :D :D Thank you so much!!

Guys, she just got me 12 months of paid time - how fab is she?!

lfjksfhds thank you! That's so so kind of you! ~GLOMPS~


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